Accounting Forte


    Business Consultancy Services, Management Auditors, Tax Consultants in Delhi


    Business Advisory by Accounting Forte
          Management Consulting
                     - Business Planning Strategy
                     - Revival of Sick Companies
                     - Captains Guide
                     - Management Accounting & MIS
          Standard Operating Procedure
          Risk Consulting
                     - Fraud Risk Management
                     - Dispute Advisory
                     - Risk Return Assessment
                     - Internal Control Check & Reviews
          Corporate Advisory
                     - Restructuring such as spin-off's, mergers & amalgamations
                     - Designing corporate structures for new projects & expansions
          Services to New Entrants
                     - Statutory Approvals
                     - Setting up & Liaison of Branch Office
                     - Advice on Exchange Control
                     - Corporate laws & other business laws
                     - Identification of Joint Venture Partners
    Assurance Services by Accounting Forte
          Accounting Compliance & Reporting
                     - IFRS Implementation
                     - Statutory Returns
                     - Payroll processing
                     - Financial Process Outsourcing
                     - Accounts Payable & Receivable
          Auditing Support Services
                     - Statutory Audit Compliance
                     - Internal Audit
                     - Management Auditing
                     - Stock Audit
          Other Ancillaries Services
                     - Corporate Governance
                     - IT Advisory
                     - SOX-Compliance
                     - Risk Assessment & Clause 49 Implementation
                     - Certification & Attestation Services
    Financial Services by Accounting Forte
          Funding Assistance
          Financial Projections & Modelling
          Due Diligence Reviews
          Strategic Financial Management
          Valuations Services
                     - Corporate & Business Valuation
                     - Intangible Assets & Financial Instruments Valuation
                     - Valuation of PPA for Accounting for Business Combinations
                     - Valuation for Litigation & Disputes
    Taxation-Regulatory Services by Accounting Forte
          Direct Tax Advisory Compliance
                     - Advisory & Strategic Consultation
                     - Statutory Compliance Assistance
                     - Refund Under Direct Tax
                     - Transfer Pricing
                     - Expatriate Services at Accounting Forte
                     - Refund Under Direct Tax
          Indirect Tax Advisory Compliance
                     - Advisory & Strategic Consultation
                     - Statutory Compliance Assistance
                     - CENVAT Mapping
                     - Assessment Assistance and Representation Services
                     - Refunds Under Indirect Taxes
          Other Legal Compliance & Regulatory Services
                     - Secretarial Services
                     - Registration and Legal Approval Services
                     - Regulatory Advice & Compliance Assistance
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