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Management Consulting assist an organisation in drafting business strategies so that management accountability could be set and on other road ensures optimum utilisation of scared resources. We at Accounting Forte help in establishing the proper management information system to our clients in Delhi and in all over India. This could be possible only if there is a vital link between the company, Board of Directors, shareholders, employees, senior executives. Our organization views management consultancy as a means of supporting growth and efficiency and not just as a cost reduction task.

Accounting forte is more than just a process delivery partner is, we offer true solutions for all the needs. We believe in all the initiatives taken either from the ground level or from somewhere else for the success story of enterprise. Our solutions assist you in the journey towards best-in-class processes and bring efficiency and effectiveness in the operations.

Whether your need is gaining something, updating your projects, managing fraud or analyzing risk, Accounting Forte Business Management Services have the power to transform how you can manage your enterprise to make a difference. Team of Accounting Forte is also engaged in the sphere of offering various management consultancy services that can help an organization to improve their performance by developing new plans and analyzing their existing business problems. We are aware of the best business practices that enable us to offer excellent business management consultancy, business cost reduction solution, Leadership Workshops, Market Survival Strategy.

Our Management Consulting has the following dimensions:-

  • Business Planning Strategy
  • Revival of Sick Companies
  • Captains Guide
  • Management Accounting & MIS

Sound Business Strategy helps organisations to manage their risk, to reach at potential level, improve performance and keep the results up. We help you to meet these challenges. Our strategy solutions are delivering measurable and consistent improvements for the growth of your business. We assist in managing these challenges through our mapping solution or you can say our integrated solutions for your all business functions.

Our integrated solutions will map from Business Launch, Manpower Actions, Investment Guider, and Operation Model Selection to Exit Strategy. We at accounting forte delivers the following integrated and business growth oriented solutions:

Business Process Planning

  • Market Study and Review
  • Feasibility Study
  • Return Oriented Investment
  • Business Survival Planning
  • Market Capture Strategy
  • Location Selection
  • Growth Prospect Strategy
  • Operation Model Selection
  • Industry Benchmarking Selection
  • Understand &Implement Cost Effective System
  • Exit Strategy

Marketing Process Planning

  • Competition Beat Planning
  • 4 P’s Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Creation Mapping
  • Recession Survival Planning
  • Customer Service Management
  • Win Win Business Strategy

Manpower Process Planning

  • Organisation Structuring/Restructuring Strategy
  • Employee Performance Measurement System
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • HR Policies and Implementation/li>
  • Employee Development Plans
  • Employee Care Plans

Pain revival strategies for the sick company.
Revival of sick industry involves in depth analysis of their problems, market positions, inside and outside relations, managerial discussions and so many related studies. We have a team who will take care of all your problems. We undertake different studies starts from the feasibility study for revival strategies. Generally, the enterprises have gone sick due to some predictable reasons like financial commitment failures, defaults in payments, etc.

Following are the pool of Services offered by us for the sick and potentially sick companies:-

  • Financial reconstruction of the company
  • Preparing the rehabilitation of sick companies before the authorities
  • Continuous strategy alliances for the revival of sick companies
  • Proper management of the company wholly or partially as suitable by taking over the management of the company or appointing one or more than one member of personnel(s) in the board of directors
  • Repayment of debts by arranging funds by different private and government financial institutions of the sale or lease of the part or whole assets of the company as suitable
  • Other preventive, ameliorative and remedial measures, which can be taken but all the measures, will be according to law.
  • After taking various measures and still the company is not able to accumulate its losses within a reasonable time then the amalgamation or merging of the sick company with any other fit company and holding over the management as well and who will repay the debts and takeover the company’s assets and management in their hand.

In the Captains Guide, Accounting Forte believes in just 3 words – Focus, Vision and Approach. Captains Guide is just enabling the Captains i.e. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, MDs, and Other Top Level Managers to set them as an example for inspiration and motivation for the team members of enterprise. Our Guide helps them to achieve breakthrough business results by enabling individuals to examine their roles, efforts towards organizational goals, thinking process in strategy making.

Captains Guide is like training to leaders or to consulting them. Leadership Consulting helps enterprises through customized designed workshops. These workshops help in building employees skills, development in working style, team motivation, and effective communication system and well structured mechanism for organisation.

We training program focuses on different strategies that enable individuals to work with collective strength. Moreover, it can be possible only when there is a clear understanding among the employees, clarity in responsibility and accountability structure. We believe a Captain is a person who is well blend of character, knows 3 C’s competency, consistency, and consideration with Boom Personality, Knowledge, Skills, Commitment Values, Strength and Innovative Mind.

Management Accounting Consulting is an approach to sharpen the decision-making skills of the organisation. Management Reporting is a vital decision making for an organization as it enables an organized well-settled internal management accounting system, provides targeted information that are relevant to the decision-making process. Management Accounting assists in improvising communication system, better integration of processes, efficient decision-making, effective reporting structure.

Our team assist organisation to review their current Management Information System to check whether Current MIS supports your business operations. Further review will help in implementing an improved system with all relevant information in a very clear and easily understood format. MIS is not only about bringing efficiency and effectiveness but also in improvising your budgeting process and enables you to effectively track and review the causes of variances to budget.

We help you in creating a single window for all the management data into the management system on every stage of decision-making. Single window reduces the data redundancy and maintain authenticity of the information system. We can also assist you in expanding your reporting structure to external users by including the important management performance indicators as increase profitability, sales growth, cost cutting and different variance analysis.

"Don't Wait. The Time Will Never Be Just Right" - Napoleon Hill

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