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Accounting Forte, consulting firm established to provide services to the Indians as well as to the foreign clients to establish their manufacturing or service industry in the Indian market. We provide services and assist our clients to handle the hurdles very softly. Doing business in India is like a booming economy or the most attracted business destination in the world irrespective of the Tax Complexities. We deal with the entire requirement to establish the new entrants into the Indian market from statutory approvals to the running of the industry. Statutory Approvals includes Compliances or following RBI Guidelines, FEMA, FDI or any other approval that might be necessary to enter in the Indian Market. We provide the global service concerning the new entrants into the Indian market.

We at accounting Forte provide services to the new entrants in respect of:-

  • Statutory approvals
  • Setting up of Liaison Office/wholly owned Subsidiary in India
  • Advice on exchange control
  • Corporate laws and other business laws
  • Identification of Joint Venture Partners

To establish any new/old business in the new market some approvals are mandatory prior to start that business. That requirement may differ from business to business or different for each class of businesses. Statutory approvals are often more in manufacturing and service industry for an investor to enter in the new market.

There are some authorities and organizations of whom the prior approvals are necessary to be considered. These may include Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Gentleman of Leisure (GOL), Central Government (C.G), and State Government (S.G). New Entrants may be required to get approval from any one or more of the above or other than above.

Like in case of establishing of liaison, branch office, subsidiary company, etc. prior approval of RBI is required, however in case of project office and many more no approval is required but there is a requirement to fulfill some conditions to get exempted from taking approvals from some authority/ies prior to establish the business.

After considering the approval/s some limited activities are permitted to do with referring the approval granted. The Accounting Forte provides the service and helps their client in granting the desired approvals from the related authority. For more details, you can put your queries

Liaison office can also be referred to the term as the Branch office. More or less both the term liaison and branch office are same. They both work as a child company. In nonprofessional language, we can say that the liaison represents the parent company or the holding companies in India.

What it promotes?

There are many joint ventures available in the market. However, finding the best one and one on whom we can trust is the difficult as well as the risky task. Accounting forte is the name that provides the best service for identification or finding the reliable joint venture partners.
  • These all are the way to promote the financial or/and technical collaboration of the Indian company with the foreign or any another Indian company.
  • It promotes the Imports and Exports from and to India respectively.

Accounting Forte helps their clients to establish branch office and liaison office and subsidiary company and project office and many more in India to increase their strength in India as well as to increase the globalization of the Indian market.

There are some rules of different Acts that deals with almost all the exchange control. However, the transactions which are not entertained by any of the Act should be referred to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Accounting Forte provides the services for the exchange control and helps our client in the decision taking related to exchange control with taking some Act in mind like : Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999; Exchange Control Regulations Orders and Rules, 1961; etc.

We provide advice on exchange control in many areas, out of which some are as follows:

  • Transfers more than the limit allowed
  • Transactions crossing the border
  • Transfers of loans
  • Exporting goods and services
  • Importing goods and services
  • Travelers
  • Investors

In this world of modernization we need to comply with the compliance to complete or even to start with any work related to business. In same way, there are some compliance requirements for the new entrants into the Indian market. However, the compliance requirements for the new entrants more or less are same with the existing businesses in the market.

If the new entrant is likely to be engaged in providing the services or trading or manufacturing then the new entrant have to get registered under many acts like Central Excise Act, Sales Tax or/and Finance Act 1994. In most of the cases the new entrant are needed to be registered himself under any particular Act according to the business they wish to enter into.

Accounting Forte is engaged in providing the wide range of services and assist new entrants in following the compliance requirements. Our team suggests that Compliances are not just to be registered under the respective Laws but also to follow applicable provisions & filling of statutory returns. By doing so, enterprises can represent themselves as a Reliable & Authentic Company. And the provisions of respective statute help them to maintain standards in the industry.

Many a times we face some problems to establish our business in the market. One of the hurdles in establishing the business is of the fund requirement or other statutory requirements as per the Latest FDIs. Now a day we use the joint venture facility to solve the above said issues.

The term joint venture can also be referred as the partner for any special purpose about the business who provides financial solution in consideration of the sharing in profits or in exchange of some interest on the finance provided or they may demand for the both. Now the question arises for the identification of the perfect joint venture in matching with the requirement by the client or business.

Why Accounting Forte?
There are many joint ventures available in the market. However, finding the best one and one on whom we can trust is the difficult as well as the risky task. Accounting forte is the name that provides the best service for identification or finding the reliable joint venture partners.

"Don't Wait. The Time Will Never Be Just Right" - Napoleon Hill

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