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Auditing Support is one of the prime jobs of the assurance services to identify areas of potential risk. Effective Audit Support System is needed to minimize the identified and assessed risk. Audit Support is one where the audit professionals (Individual, Firm or LLP) identify risks, check internal controls, developing different audit plans and implementing them effectively and efficiently. Audit Support is not just complying the laws but it also assure business users, brings confidence and support the decision making process. For companies, it is mandatory to audited there financials and deposit the certified copies to ROC online.

Accounting Forte is offering different Audit Consultancy Services for management efficiency, internal control checks and for Investors Assurance. Experienced industry professionals with international quality standards and keeping in view the various regulations of the statutes deliver audit Support.

Our Audit Support Service includes:-

  • Statutory Audit Compliance
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Auditing
  • Stock Audit

All companies are required to get their financial statement audited under the Companies Act. Beside this audit, there are various other statutes that make mandate to get audit of Books of Accounts of corporate and non-corporate likewise in Income Tax Act, Finance Tax 1994(Service Tax) and other relevant Acts. Auditing is done to provide assurance to various users that the financial statements are free from errors and discrepancies.

Accounting Forte has wide experience in providing statutory audit services across India. Our statutory audit consultants examine the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations including non-financial controls and providing services. Our team of experts consists of well qualified professionals in the respective field of Audit, which make grounds to conduct audit. Beside this, our statutory audit service also includes monitoring operational & financial performance.

We adopt a very rational and innovative audit methodology while conducting statutory audit for the clients. Our statutory audit consultants with their vast knowledge and experience ensure the reliability and authenticity of financials of the corporate.

Internal Audit refers to analysis & monitoring of all activities of an organization including its business structure, employee behaviour and information systems. It helps in identifying potential threats to the organization and to make suggestions for mitigating such risk so as to ensure the continuous profitability at reduced cost.

Accounting Forte, a well renowned audit firm in Delhi, with their certified CA's and experts provides the best internal audit services to its client across India.

Our Internal Audit Services Includes:-

  • Verify all transactions occurred during the financial year.
  • Identify frauds & proactive frauds.
  • Review controls over IT environment, physical security and policies & procedures of an organisation.
  • Aligning internal audit objective with the organizational objectives.
  • Ensuring compliance of all laws & regulation, safeguarding of assets & improving risk management process.
  • Providing recommendation to improve organisation system & process
  • Regular follow up to ensure that all recommendation has been followed

Management Audit can be explained as the analysis and assessment of competencies and capabilities of a company's management in order to evaluate their effectiveness, especially with regard to the strategic objectives and policies of the business. The sections in which management auditing is primarily needed can be termed as top management changes, mergers and acquisitions, and success planning. Accounting Forte also offers the service of management auditing. Our team of consultant's main objective behind providing this service is to establish the current level of effectiveness and to suggest improvements and lay down standards for future performance.

Our management service include the analysis of the following :- corporate, business and functional strategies; organization’s structure, people, policies, systems and procedures; general management; HR management; marketing management; customer service management; supply chain, procurement, logistic management; production management; general services management; R&D management; HSE management; quality management; IT management; finance management.

It also includes dedicated project management; targeted, expert advice and multi-lingual support; individual phone calls and E-mails to sites to troubleshoot and offer support throughout the audit process.

Stock contains a major portion of the total assets in manufacturing and trading entities as well as in some service rendering entities. So, audit of stock assumes special importance. Accounting Forte offers stock audit services in India. Our stock audit team comprises of highly skilled and well experienced staff who performs stock audit in a very cost effective manner.

Our Stock audit services includes:-

  • Documentation of receipt, issue & custody of stock.
  • Verifying purchase & sales of stock.
  • Physical verification and detailed checking of stock records.
  • Identify shortcoming in inventory records
  • Solutions for inventory reductions
  • Inventory control so as to avoid blockage of money.
  • Accurate valuation of Inventory

Accounting Forte extends its stock audit services to almost all the sectors in India, also including banks & other financial institutions for their physical goods and assets.

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