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Apart from other services like auditing support services, financial reporting and compliances there are many more other relevant services that support the Assurance Services for an organisation. Accounting Forte specifically bunched all such services in one group named as Ancillary Services. Services under this head arranged for special segment groups. Despite of this, ancillary services encourage industry to improvise their standards of working. We keep our clients ahead by providing valuable insight into the industry. Our service framework assists management in getting relevant information from the market, which fasten their decision-making and do maximise their potential for their business.

The service in ancillary includes certification and attestation services for our audit support clients. Independent professionals will do these certifications and attestation. We are also providing IT advisory on how their IT structure should be.

Some other relevant services that Accounting Forte is providing are:-

  • Corporate Governance
  • IT Advisory
  • SOX-Compliance
  • Risk assessment & Clause 49 Implementation
  • Certification and Attestation Services

As the business environment is becoming dynamic & complex day by day and the few recent financial crisis, due to which the economy is affecting. Corporate Governance has become an important integral concern for the organizations. As per the experience, company’s future viability depends on the company’s strong and well executed governance plans. That is the reason that there is a rapid increase in the requirement of consultant’s advice taken by the clients on corporate governance.

Corporate Governance refers to the system through which corporations are directed and controlled. This structure specifies the distribution of various responsibilities and rights to various participants of the corporation such as board of directors, managers, shareholders, creditors, auditors, regulators and other stakeholders and it also specifies the rules and procedures for making different corporate affairs decisions. Governance provides the structure through which company sets their objective and pursues them as well as taking care of social, regulatory, and market environment.

Our firm Accounting Forte helps in providing best consulting to our clients in building sound and effective corporate governance by establishing guidelines and reviewing the framework of existing corporation's governance and recommending various necessary changes and a ready access of the information regarding risks of the organization. The complete set of guidelines or regular reviews by our team often-safe organisation so that they can avoid any failure or for wrongdoings.

IT advisory is a field that focuses on advising businesses on how to use their information technology in the best possible manner to meet their business objectives. Accounting Forte can help you in different manner such as to gain external objective advice and recommendations, to gain access to the consultant’s specialized expertise, temporary help for a one time- period project and to outsource all or part of the IT services.

The roll of accounting forte is to support the company from beginning until the end of the project in case of a single project, and the delivery of project in the cost, scope and period of the project and with the complete satisfaction of customer.

We help client to develop an IT strategy that supports their business objectives to maximum. We ensure that effective controls are implemented on the most appropriate strategies for outsourcing and off shoring, IT services. We works to ensure that the business take effective measures for cost optimization. We examine the various aspects of technology and take necessary steps to optimize efficiency.

SARBENS-OXLEY is about documentation, internal audits, financial reporting and corporate governance. This requires a technological underpinning that facilitates integration, collaboration, reporting and monitoring. SOX is also known as 'Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act' and 'Corporate and Auditing Accountability and Responsibility Act'. The main effect of SOX is to move the ultimate accuracy of financial reports from the outside auditor to the company's management. It is the company's responsibility to prove that internal controls are working effectively and actually exist.

Accounting Forte offers the service of SOX-Compliance with the belief of having knowledge of the following:-

  • Key tenets of the SOX Act;
  • The history and impact of SOX act;
  • Industry accepted frameworks and principles;
  • The role of audit-committees; auditor independence; conflicts of interest and code of conduct;
  • Whistle-blower protection and corporate fund;
  • White collar criminal penalties;
  • COSO ERM components of internal environment, objective setting, risk assessment, risk response, control activities, information and communication and monitoring;
  • Section 404 internal control documentation;
  • Entity level and activity level testing controls, techniques, effectiveness and documentation;
  • SOX section 404-project life cycle management.

Companies must identify their key processes and important controls within those processes and measure the effectiveness of those controls. The benefits, which are being served by us, are - on time accurate financial reporting; communication, collaboration, and operational effectiveness, it initiatives good-governance and benefit to whole company.

Risk is a thing that is always be present in the business irrespective of the size or nature of the business. The risk present in the business can be of different types, may be the risk is business risk, information risk, regulatory risk or any other risk.

To deal with all the risk together in a comfort way without interfering with the business’s day-to-day working business needs to get support of the experts. We, the Accounting Forte, are engaged in providing the services to the businesses or to the companies for proper assessment of all the risks of the business. We also provide services to the business and suggest for how to get over out of these risks.

We assist in handling with all kind of compliance risks and very used with the implementation of the clause 49 for assessment of risk. The risk that we deal in may include the business risk, managing risk, information risk, regulatory risk and many more. We handle the risk in all types of businesses including finance business, banking business, trading and manufacturing business, and business of project management, non-profit organizations, and governmental organizations and to all other businesses.

Accounting Forte through its associates across the nation are providing Certification and Attestation services to our Audit Support Client. Our Associates have rich experience in providing services for certification and attestation of the company’s balance sheet and other relevant documents as required by the law, on which investors can trust. The requirement for certification and attestation arises from different statutes. It is done because of various purposes like statutory requirements, third party call or tendering process. Certification service also includes different ISO certifications to maintain their quality segment in the organisation.

To deal with the service of attestation and certification the expert needs to have good command over the standards and rules that are applicable for the certification and attestation of the books and accounts. As certification ensures the reliability and accuracy of statements so they should be free from personal bias.

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