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Financial Projections helps to estimate the future financial performance of the business enterprise by forecasting the future revenues and expenses. Financial modeling refers to the task of building a mathematical presented model (abstract representation) of the real financial situation. Financial modeling consist different meanings for different users. One most full featured financial model is a powerful tool for helping you understand your financial position. This is a service, which helps you in future forecasting of projects. Under this service, we use sophisticated strategies that are appropriate in specific situation of your business. It helps in preparing a road map for achieving the goal of the organization, because it reduces the future uncertainties. Under this service, we review current financial situation and focus on the strengths and opportunities for unlocking the best potential for growth in rapidly changing environment. We help our clients in make visible assumptions underlying the financial projections, true picture of “future expected values” of projects not the “Value client expect”, summary of project costs and anticipated suppliers of capital goods and services, reliable projections with validated assumptions that are consistent with truth, a financial plan together with the sources of funds for the project and many more.

Accounting forte creates easy to use financial forecasts projects and models, which is suitable for your specific situation. It includes the description of the project, analyzing the identity, background and audited financial statements of the owners and as well as of each investor , a summary of projects costs and anticipated of capital goods and services and it also includes the source and uses of funds of the project. It develops financial projections to support M&A deals, collaborating transactions, IP licensing, emergence from bankruptcy. The working on the following financial statements are made: - revenue forecast, personnel forecast, income statement, statement of cash flow, balance sheet, break – even analysis, best and worst case analysis. Our objective behind providing this service is the clarity on the assumptions; credible projections; a true picture of expected value; understanding of risk profile including multiple uncertainties. The result is presented in a attractive format and delivered with open access to the word document and excel spreadsheets of custom writing and financial projections.

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